Fundraiser Event – Fani Hosted by Hard Rock Cafe Witnesses a Full House

Hard Rock Café, the world’s legendary music destination, hosted Fani – a Fundraiser Event Night on Saturday, 22nd June 2019 at Bengaluru. With mind-blowing performances from well-known artists like Girish And The Chronicles, Thermal and A Quarter, Gauley Bhai, Rapper Big Deal and Tosh Nanda, the night was packed with mesmerising music, all for a cause. All the proceeds from this event went to the Odisha CM Relief Fund for the Cyclone Victims in Odisha.

In this one-of-a-kind fundraiser, Hard Rock Café Bengaluru first set the stage for the the multi-instrumentalist musical genius Tosh Nanda, followed by an inspiring set by Gauley Bhai. Thermal and A Quarter’s rock tunes got everyone on their feet as Rapper Big Deal wowed the crowd with his empowering rap. Hard rock band, Girish and The Chronicles, who have been enthralling audiences since 1996, had the crowd craving for a never-ending night.

The diverse set of musicians were brought together by Mr. Ansuman Mohapatra, the organiser, who rallied together create a difference through their music at this charitable event. With an enthusiastic crowd of over 300 attendees, the event was witnessed people from all walks of life coming to enjoy the music while making a noble contribution to the Odisha CM Relief Fund. The event was a true success in terms of combining music, dining and energy to bring people and artists together for a worthy cause.