The Fun Size Milk Stout By Pollyanna Brewing Company Tastes Just Like A Snickers Bar

Beer lovers, you may need to take a step back for this news. Pollyanna Brewing Company is taking things to the next level with their Fun Size Milk Stout which is purported to taste just like a Snickers bar! So, if you’ve got a sweet tooth and a love for beer then this new addition should leave you pleasantly surprised!

According to the brewery, the Fun Size beer is a milk stout, and stays true to its Snicker origins. It’s brewed with lactose milk sugar, sticky oats, peanuts, vanilla beans, cocoa nibs, and sea salt. VinePair also notes that it doesn’t overdo the sweetness factor of the beer, which is always a good thing.

Everyone loves Snickers (unless you’re allergic to peanuts) and (almost) everyone lovers beer so the combination of the two should have been a no-brainer. In any case, we’ve already seen beer brewed from pee, so why not try a classic flavor profile to excite your taste buds?