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The Calling: Full Time Chennai Foodie Wanted


Haven’t we all eaten out and wished someone would pay our bills- our food and regular bills? 

And then God said let there be.. this job. 

All you have to do is eat. Love it. Love it more to write about it.

Here’s your bag of gold. No kidding! 

We will warn you that our Grammar Nazis will be on your case if you dare ‘pun’ wrong. But other than that, we’ll say it again, Free Food. 

In plain English,  if food’s always appealed to you in an orgasmic way, sarcasm flows from your mouth and pen, taking pictures of food all day is something you do with your eyes closed and your life’s goal has been to get free food-for life– We need you on board, right now. 

This job is open for people living in Chennai only. No, you may not freelance from Shanghai and no, you may not pay for food. 

Right this way.