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FSSAI To Target The Instant Noodles Market With New Regulations


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is planning on introducing new safety standards to regulate the ingredients present in ready-to-cook products such as instant noodles, according to PTI. The new regulations is set to specifically target the instant noodles segment in the country overriding the current common regulations for all ready-to-cook products. 

Safety Regulations

The proposed safety regulations would set the permissible limit of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and Ash content and specify standards for the taste maker, which is included with all instant noodles products. Last month, FSSAI asked state authorities to regulate noodle and pasta manufacturers with MSG in their products despite carrying the ‘No MSG’ label on their packets. At present, there are no methods to regulate the addition of MSG to the products and to determine whether MSG was present during the manufacturing stage or if it was naturally present in the product.   


Maggi Controversy

These new regulations comes in wake of the Maggi controversy last year when the popular instant noodles product was banned from the shelves for containing high level of lead. The FSSAI banned the product for the presence of lead and MSG. After the Bombay High Court recommended additional samples of the instant noodles product to be tested in three independent laboratories, the nation-wide ban was lifted and Nestle India re-launched the product in November of 2015. The ban was responsible for a dip in profit for the company in the first quarter of this year.