FSSAI Found Stale Food During Inspection Of Restaurants In Madurai

FSSAI Found Stale Food During Inspection Of Restaurants In Madurai

An inspection was conducted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) checking on various cleanliness and hygiene factors in various restaurants and eateries in Madurai. According to a report by the Times of India, many of them had numerous violations and a warning has been issued to improve the hygiene conditions.

Food Hygiene Amiss

“The hotels, which are not maintaining cleanliness are being given stringent warning. Those with serious deviations will face the consequence,” Madurai district Dr M Somasundaram told the Times of India. The report further says that there are still inspections going on and crowded areas like Arappalayam and Mattuthavani bus terminals have already been inspected. “The hotels we checked had cleanliness issues. Some of the hotels had stored stale meat and left-over cooked food items. While the samples have been lifted, action would follow soon,” he added.

Hygiene however doesn’t seem to be the only problem with these eateries says the report. Another one is rampant use of additives in food which are banned. This violation has mainly been observed at roadside stalls and restaurants. This might have caused health issues in customers who frequent at these stalls but the complaints are few. Had there been proper complaints, there could be serious action against these eating joints, Somasundaram told the publication.


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