FSSAI Has Come Out With A Detailed Protocol For Food Recall

It’s not every day that food products have to be recalled. However, when the need does arise, proper protocols need to be in place in order to ensure the safety of consumers. That’s exactly what FSSAI has done by releasing a list of comprehensive guidelines that will allow companies to implement a proper plan in the event of food adulteration.

“At the time of recall being carried out, the FBO shall submit their detailed recall plan to the CEO, FSSAI,” the regulator said.

According to FSSAI’s guidelines, there are 10 steps which must be carried out meticulously to ensure a successful recall exercise.

Guidelines for a successful recall

FSSAI Has Come Out With A Detailed Protocol For Food Recall

In order to carry out a food recall successfully, food business operators must set up a recall management team, inform the regulator, identify all products to be recalled, detain and segregate products to be recalled which are in the company’s control alongside ensuring the effectiveness of the recall.

“The recovered product must be stored in an area which is separated from any other food product. Accurate records are to be kept of the amount of recovered product and the batch codes of the product recovered,” the FSSAI said.

If, after recovery, the products are reprocessed or corrected and seen to be fit for human consumption they may be re-released in the market. If not, the product is to be destroyed, with the final verdict coming from the competent authority. Food product recalls made easy!