FSSAI To Collect Surplus Food & Redistribute It To Curb Food Wastage

In a noble effort to curb food waste in a country where many go without, FSSAI has started up an initiative to collect and redistribute surplus food to the needy. The common platform called the ‘Indian Food Recovery Alliance‘ (IFRA) which is a coalition of food recovery partners.

“This web-based platform, released on a pilot level, allows interested donors, individuals and volunteers to register themselves to be a part of this initiative,” the FSSAI said in a statement.

After the pilot study the main platform and mobile applications will be accessible for registered people to donate food. The food recovery partners will make sure that the food is distributed to those who need it after ensuring that everything is in order.

In fact, if you’ve donated food, you can track where your donation goes by logging in. “This platform will also provide guidance to citizens, food businesses and various food recovery agencies on prevention of food loss and food waste and safe recovery of surplus food,” the statement said.

While there currently are multiple organisations working towards feeding the hungry FSSAI feels that a more integrated approach will lead to better results.