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FSSAI Begins ‘Safe And Nutritious Food At Workplace’ Initiative Throughout India


According to the report by F&B News, continuing its campaign for safe and nutritious food consumption at homes and schools, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has launched a countrywide follow-up initiative. This new initiative, ‘Safe and Nutritious Food-SNF@Workplace’ will now focus on food habits at workplaces.

Healthier Habits At Work

“Since our workforce consumes at least one meal during working hours, behavioural changes at the workplace is critical. And, therefore, a resource book for this initiative, titled The Orange Book, has also been launched. It highlights the role of stakeholders, like administration, canteen, etc.,” stated Agarwal according to F&B News.

“Further, to create a self-propelling and sustainable ecosystem, the regulator has enabled a systematic framework of FSSAI-trained resource persons, health and wellness coordinators and food safety supervisors for every workplace. And a portal,, has also been launched, where interested workplaces can join the movement and access resources, information and links,” he added.

Goals Set By FSSAI

FSSAI also plans to extend this plan to holy places as well. The regulator also plans to reward workplaces who encourage healthy eating. Further, it plans to go beyond the regular canteen and cafeterias and look at development of systematic health ecosystems at workplaces says the report by F&B News.

“The evaluation criteria would, therefore, include canteen/cafeteria practices and also the system in place to promote health and wellness. The matrix would cover regulatory and voluntary initiatives like ensuring licensed vendors for the kitchen/canteen/caterer, personal hygiene of food handlers and safe food practices as per food safety management service guidelines, display of food safety display boards in kitchens/canteens, having a trained and certified food safety supervisor, etc. There is also a provision for the auditing of the workplaces,” added Agarwal.

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