Frying Food Might Be Affecting The Weather Say Experts

Frying Food Might Be Affecting The Weather Say Experts

According to reports by the Independent, frying food by humans might cause an effect to the weather system says the chemists at the universities of Reading, Bristol and Bath. They have discovered that cooking fat is released into the atmosphere in the form of droplets forming complex structures that attracts moisture which then turns into clouds.

Temperature Change Due To Fried Food

The chemists have analysed that in the larger cities this cooking fat coming from fried food is responsible for 10pc of small particles which are released in the air and so it can have a considerable impact on the weather as it becomes a part of the clouds and comes down as rain. But it might not necessarily be a bad impact.

The chemists have established that this effect being on such a large scale can give the planet a cooling effect the result of which might be helpful in slowing down global warming. “I think it could be having an impact on cloud formation,” said Dr Christian Pfrang, associate professor of physical and atmospheric chemistry at the University of Reading to the Independent. This might be good news since global warming was predicted to have a grave effect on food production.

“It is likely these structures have a significant effect on water uptake of droplets in the atmosphere, increase lifetimes of reactive molecules and generally slow down transport inside these droplets with yet unexplored consequences. We’re not saying becoming a healthier eater could have an impact on climate, but fat does seem to encourage cloud formation,” she added. With that news let’s fry some chicken nuggets shall we?