Fruit-Producing Giant Del Monte Is Working On A Brand New Kind Of Pineapple, Read On For More

We’ve had hybrid strawberries and then cotton candy grapes, so why not have another magical fruit? And this one is as magical as they come. Or it’s pretty magical anyway. It’s a Pink Pineapple!

Sure, it might not be as well known as other colourful vegetables and fruits, but it’s definitely something that we can get on board with. Especially since the pink pineapple has its own patent under fruit-producing brand Del Monte. And for those wondering, no they are not a freak of nature they are genetically modified.

According to a NBC News report, the fruit has been in development since 2005, it was only given the FDA‘s(Food and Drug Administration) seal of approval this week. As it stands, Del Monte is the only company that produces pink pineapples which they grow in Costa Rica.

Known as Rosé, the pineapple is made pink by adding lycopene, which is the same substance that gives tomatoes their red colour. According to Del Monte, the fruit is made sweeter with this addition and they even have a new label that reads “extra sweet pink flesh pineapple”.

While the brand themselves haven’t released any images and everything that is making the rounds is Photosophed, it’s still quite an exciting bit of news. Since now pineapple based cocktails are going to come with a much needed pink boost!