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The ‘Fruit-ie’ at Dewberry’s and her Wonder-lust


Here’s a slice from our chat with Kavitha Ajay from ‘Dewberry’s” in Chennai. She’s a new mom and an obvious fruit-lover –and you’ll see just why soon. Read on. 


“I worked a couple of years in the family’s garment industry after my MBA. Food has always been quite a passion. Once we saw the need to diversify and the food retail market in Chennai opening up, we decided to walk right in. People were ready to experiment and we were ready to give them something that was close to our hearts. We came up with a unique and curious name, brought in continental food and designed a crazy menu with bright colours. We found that people were looking for familiar flavours and threw in some fusion food. I’m a self-taught foodie and the food experience has been nothing short of enriching. 


“The menu is a reflection of food from my travels through Europe and Canada. The ingredients, method and menu are very close to my heart. As a woman entrepreneur, the journey has been quite challenging. The undying support from family and friends, the fact that I live at the restaurant (quite literally!) and have an extremely capable team of chefs; have allowed me to have a great time, even with a two year old at hand! 


“To all the women out there, I’d like to say- We have so much more mental and physical strength. We can handle so much more stress. Husbands and families are coming forward with support and love- I’d say it looks like the right time for us to get out there! ” 


“I feel as a woman I have an added advantage as a restaurateur, thanks to my gender based natural instinct to nurture, which extends as good food and warm hospitality to my customers at my restaurant.” 


Find Dewberry’s at #6/29, Rajasekran street, off cathedral road.