Which ‘Froyo’ Topping Do You Go Gaga Over? #POLL

Yogurt, or more specifically frozen yogurt (a.k.a “froyo), has been all the trend for the past couple of years what with a hoard of brands starting a whole yogurt revolution. And with these chains taking the frozen yogurt up a thousand notches with tweaks and additions like flavours and toppings, it’s not really hard to grasp the concept of the food becoming a rage.

Speaking of flavours and toppings, while the former seems to be of the essence, the latter is also imperative to a good and fulfilling cup of frozen yogurt. Yogurt chains put their best foot forwards with delicious, new, and innovative toppings that include all that is trending along with all that could trend. Right from chocolate chips and rainbow sprinkles to fresh fruits and dry fruits, they have it all. but which one is your favourite? Let us know in the poll below!

Featured Image: Huffington Post