Fromage – A Cheese-Lover’s Haven

There’s no such thing as too much cheese and if that statement makes you skeptical, Fromage will change your mind. This cheese-themed restaurant located inside the Somerset property at MRC Nagar, Chennai is the only cheese-themed restaurant at Chennai and they’ve curated a menu that celebrates cheese in every way.

English-styled décor accentuated with catchy wall paintings and furniture in shades of yellow sets the mood for a relaxed dining experience. There’s pleasant instrumental music going on in the background and we sank into their bright yellow sofas, looking forward to trying their cheese-based dishes – their obvious hotsellers.

Their Broccoli and Cheese Soup that comes in a bread bowl tastes fresh, creamy and whets our appetite just right. The soup is topped with a thick layer of cheese that when scooped up reveals the green soup within.


An assortment of tartlets with beef, chicken and veg toppings and a cheese-filled core arrives next. The tartlet base is crumbly and melts in the mouth whereas the toppings are flavorful and distinctive from each other.

The assorted veg bruschetta platter is a set of three bruschettas with mushrooms, tomatoes and paneer toppings with just a sprinkle of cheese. The bread is crispy and the topping fresh and appetizing.

We had the assorted fried cheese next that comes with a spicy picante sauce. Batter-fried cheese balls spiced with black pepper makes for the perfect appetizer for a cheesy meal.

The Pork Ribs at Fromage deserve special mention. Slow-cooked for 16 hours, the meat is so tender it comes off the bone with a gentle pull. The ribs are cooked in a delicious sauce that’s got just a touch of sweetness, making it a definite hit.

Their Spicy Wings (Extreme) had us reaching for the tissues. The chicken wings cooked in a super spicy picante sauce set our tongues on fire. If you love your food hot, spicy and tear-inducing, this dish has you covered.


One of the most awaited dishes of the evening was the Parmesan Wheel Ratatouille, a spaghetti dish eighty percent of which is cooked in the kitchen and the rest cooked inside a six-month-old parmesan wheel weighing 40kgs. The live cooking makes sure we get the freshest cheese in our spaghetti, taking the dish up several notches. The dish is as creamy as it can get and the ratatouille adds flavor and character to the dish.

Another fun experience at Fromage was the cheese fountain that flows with a steaming concoction of several varieties of cheeses. This fancy dip can be tasted with French fries, grilled veggies, and crispy bread chunks.

We had their Death By Chocolate for dessert, an impressively tall slice of 24-layered chocolate cake that tastes so absolutely divine that neither the intimidating size of the portion nor the calorie count stops us from polishing off the whole of it.

Fromage, Chennai gave us a delightful dining experience that was all of great food and tranquil ambiance. A must-try restaurant if you love cheese as much as we do.

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