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From the Royal Kitchen of Nizams – Ramadan Specials at Hyatt Regency Chennai


A Misbaha of Divine Ecstasies

From the royal kitchen of Nizams – Ramadan Specials


Hyderabad has always been irrevocably entwined with its food. Long renowned as the seat of the fabulously wealthy Nizams (rulers) who patronized expert artisans, famous for piercing and stringing pearls, it is a historic urban center that brings to mind romance and fabulous wealth. Like most of India’s cities, it is a blend of fairytale and reality, a hodge-podge of old and new, forming an exotic background for its much sought after delightful cuisine.

Amalgamation of spices, ingredients and fragrances, the credit for some delectable Ramadan delicacies goes to the royal kitchens of the nizams who are known to go above and beyond to churn out something rich and extravagant. Passed down through the centuries, this meat-dominant cuisine is marked by a few epic dishes, which we all rave about. Be it biryani, haleem or khubani ka meetha, all find their origins in the kitchens of the Nizams.

Nizami courtly food was renowned for its ostentatiousness – crushing pearls into dishes; distilling quail and venison into alcohol; and serving hundreds of dishes at banquets. It was a meat-heavy cuisine, something that has passed down through the centuries. This cuisine, combining the Muslim Mughal cooking court with the historic foods of the country, produced a kitchen that was to become the definition of fine dining.

To give us a taste of what was served in the royal kitchen Spice Haat at Hyatt Regency Chennai will be running a ten days Ramdan food festival curated by Chef Surender – Chef de cuisine from Hyatt Hyderabad. Chef Surender brings with him 15 years of culinary experience and will take you on an ethereal journey to the royal kitchen of Nizams.

Experience the divine gleam of Hyderabad as you enjoy sublime Ramadan Feast only at Spice Haat.

Date: 16th June – 25th June

Dinner: 07:00PM – 11:30PM

Menu: Buffet