Fries v/s Potato Wedges: Which Is The Better Side Dish? #POLL

Whether you are at a local McDonald’s or Nando’s or any food outlet, you simply can’t order a main dish. There has to be a side to accompany your burger, sandwich or quarter chicken. And more often than not the preferred side is a deep-fried potato dish, which can be chowed down with a generous helping of ketchup or mayonnaise. Unless you’d rather spend the calories in a healthier way with some coleslaw, corns or a salad.

In case of the former where potato and carbs #BAE, the usual choice is a portion of golden fried French fries or a plate of crunchy potato wedges with just the right amount of seasoning. As mentioned before, both are just different versions of deep-fried potato, but both taste and look are poles apart. Speaking of, here’s a poll to determine which of these potato snacks accounts for a better side – wedges or fries? Vote below!