Fries That Are A Footlong Exist, And All Is Right With The World

Fries make the world go round (or they should, am I right?). Any innovation in the land of fries is very important for civilization (and to think that people use the word potato as an insult). Well, guess what, Japan (the oracle of almost all cool/weird food trends) has footlong french fries, and never in my life have I ever been so jealous (okay, maybe like one other time).

In a video posted by Insider, they visit a restaurant in Australia called Harajuku Gyoza, which serves French fries that are over a foot long. In the video, the restaurant’s operation manager, Masa Endo, explains that long fries are extremely popular in Japan and that Harajuku Gyoza wanted to share that trend with Australians (just FYI, India’s just a hop, a skip, a jump, and a flight away, hint hint).

Of course, Twitter (being Twitter) had many thoughts:

Obviously, not everyone was one board.

Who knew fries could get people so divided?


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