Fries For Dessert Should Totally Be a Thing


Raise your hands if you don’t like French Fries!

Probably nobody raised their hands, because it’s a pretty popular fact that everyone likes French Fries. It is one of the most addictive parts of junk food and will continue to be so, but there’s a new trend brewing and you’re going to want to take a seat.

Chefs in Australia are changing up the way you eat your fries, by mixing the salty and savoury with sweet as a dessert. Or you know, as a meal on it’s own, whatever floats your boat.

Inspired by Canada’s classic dish “poutine”, Bar Luca in Sydney has created something called “Blames FriesCream” which is loaded with ice cream, salted smokey caramel sauce, maple bacon and chocolate over a bed of fries.



Also in Sydney, Devon on Danks Cafe has a truffle soft serve ice cream served with chips. Look at that cup of the DD Special, you want this as much as we do.


This might just be our favourite, because Sugarshack Diner has put together Nutella (everyone’s favourite spread of all time) with sweet potato fries – during what they called Nutella Palooza! It’s a combination that will blow your mind.


And now in Japan, McDonald’s has introduced what they call the McChoco Potato which is a combination of fries topped with white and dark chocolate sauce. We have no words, McDonald’s, we have no words.


While these concoctions are delicious looking and wild, there have been people around the world who swipe their French Fries through their ice creams over the years. It’s not a new trend, but it’s slowly becoming a big one.

What’s your favourite combination?