A ‘FRIENDS’ Themed Cafe In Singapore Is Serving Edible Helium Balloons As A Tribute To Chandler

FRIENDS fans across the world put Singapore on their travel plans a year ago when Central Perk SG, a FREINDS themed café opened. The cafe features FRIENDS inspired memorabilia from the iconic brown couch to photos of the FREINDS on the wall.

The strangest tribute, in our opinion, is a menu item inspired by Chandler’s helium voice – the edible helium balloon.

Enjoy Some Helium With Dinner

If you’re a FRIENDS fan, you’ll remember Chandler singing ‘I Will Survive’ in a helium voice:

We believe it was one of his finest, funniest moments, and the chefs at Central Perk SG seemed to agree. The worked for nine months to create a carefully guarded recipe for edible, inflatable helium balloon in strawberry, blueberry or banana flavours.

When a customer orders the balloons, the server will inflate the balloon at their table with helium and gives it to them on a bread stick. The customer sucks out the helium – which is fruit flavoured – out of the balloon and then eats it.  As well as enjoying the taste, they’ll be speaking in a helium voice – a la Chandler – for some time.

The balloon is also served with popping candy, Nutella snow, hot sauce, yogurt ice cream and a mini sponge cake. It costs S$16 or Rs.730.


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