FreshMenu Will Be Bringing You More Pizzas And Indian Food Come 2017


Food delivery start up, Fresh Menu has announced that it is going to be launching new pizza delivery and Indian meal delivery brands separately in the next six months. At present, FreshMenu delivers a range of Indian, Continental, Italian and Mexican cuisine in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

FreshMenu: The Background

FreshMenu was founded in 2014 by Rashmi Daga and allows you to order food from a daily changing menu online.


The dishes are made using fresh ingredients and by expert chefs. Some dishes on FreshMenu’s list include Tex-Mex Fajita Steak, Chili Garlic Chicken Meatballs, BBQ Double Decker Chicken burger and Spinach Nutmeg Cannelloni.

New Launch Plans

In a conversation with the Economic Times, Rashmi Daga, the founder of FreshMenu said “We are definitely contemplating a separate brand altogether for pizzas. In the Indian market, pizza is a category of its own and deserves that kind of attention to be delivered.”



FreshMenu raised $17 in a Series B funding round in January, and Daga stated that it will not be seeking any new funding for the launch of the new brands. The new brands will be shaped using FreshMenu’s technological and logistical approach.