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FreshMenu Is Launching A Physical Store At The Bengaluru Airport


When it launched in 2014, FreshMenu came as a pleasant addition to the food scene in Bengaluru as it offered a more healthy option when it came to ordering food online. Now, FreshMenu plans on opening its own storefront at the Bengaluru Airport, making it their first physical outlet.

K Ganesh, who has invested in FreshMenu, said the outlet will open this year and is mainly being opened for branding purposes. He said there are no plans to launch more outlets. “The airport gets a huge footfall. We had been getting a lot of demand and queries from customers to launch an outlet there. The menu will be tweaked a bit to suit more take-out options,” he said.

The notable difference between FreshMenu and other online food delivery companies is that FreshMenu actually makes and delivers the food from their kitchens. While other, smaller food tech companies such as Yumist have been forced to shut shop in the last couple of months, this move may keep FreshMenu from having to go that route as well.


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