Fresh, Fizzy and Ready To Take Down The Giants

Fizzing Times

Fizzy Food Labs is the making the world sit up and take notice of their Rs 6 Cr-a-year business. How? 

Nipun Katyal, Varun Jhawar and Manish Tirthani have come out with food kits created by chefs in various cuisines like Italian, Mexican, Lebanese, French and Japanese. They are a 35 member team and are going strong in 6 cities. They hope to be in 14 cities by the end of the year. And that they will, with their sale of 10,000 pieces in just two weeks after the launch on Amazon.

The brand, Chef’s Basket, has come out with a new range called Explorer, meant for travelers. And oh boy, is it doing the travelling! 

The company is currently selling three different products: Arrabbiate Penne Pasta, Creamy Tomato Penne Pasta, Black Bean and Salsa Burritos. The company plans to focus on Italian, Mexican, Thai and Mediterranean cuisines in the future.

The company has partnered with some of the top and most reputed vendors in the industry for sourcing specialized ingredients in portion packs. Certain other ingredients are imported in bulk quantities and are packaged at the company’s facility in Bhiwandi. The company has partnered with sourcing partners like Global Green, Signature foods and Vimal Agro.

Fizzy Food is all set to increase their Series A funding, and will be launching 30 SKUs within the next eight months. The company is not externally funded at present.