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Fresh Beverage Delivery Startup DropKaffe brews $300,000 in funding


You wake up in the morning, feeling a little bit groggy and all you’re thinking of is that morning pot of brew, you get yourself up and then you remember – you have an early meeting today! Then you stumble out of bed, barely brush your teeth, put on the first clothes you find in your cupboard and head into office. 

You longingly pass by your coffee machine on the way and sadly resign to the fact that you’re having coffee from the sad ol’ pantry in your office. 

But wait, what if you could get freshly brewed coffee delivered right at your desk? Steaming hot, delicious coffee. No it isn’t your daydream. It’s what DropKaffe aimed to do when they started up earlier this year. 

What does DropKaffe offer? 

DropKaffe delivers freshly prepared coffee with daily changing menu and various snacks to go with coffee that includes burgers, bakes and non-caffeine beverages. They have over 50 different coffees on the offering, unique brewing methods and the ultimate luxury of getting coffee delivered. There a myriad of options for food delivery but very few fresh beverage options and DropKaffe looks to change that. 

The funding: 

They have raised $300K in a funding round led by Manish Singhal and P39 Capital. Angels from the U.S., India and Singapore also participated in this round of funding.

Where is the money going: 

“We will have 10 DropKaffe fulfillment centers by the end of October making DropKaffe available to every Bangalorean. To make the ordering experience seamless, we are also launching our native android app and working on IoT enabled ordering solutions in the coming weeks.”said Rakshit Kejriwal, cofounder of DropKaffe. 

The startup claims to delivery everything in 30 minutes and is now aiming to reduce it to 20 minutes once the new centres are functional. Besides this it is also looking forward to launch a weekly subscription package for regular based customers.

DropKaffe current market: 

The company claims that it has already served over 50,000 coffees and has managed to build a strong loyal customer base with 80% of revenues coming from repeat purchases.

Bring on the coffee, we say!