French Chefs Mastering Indian Cuisine? Yes, It’s Really Happening.


We all know how particular the French are about everything. From their pronunciation to their fashion to their food, they want everything to be perfect – their kind of perfect. However, we’ve caught wind of a strange happenstance. Apparently, around 15 Indian chefs travel to France every year in order to train their French counterparts in Indian cuisine.

French consulates in India have taken the initiative to make authentic Indian food available in France to attract more tourists.  Yves Perrin, the French consul general in Mumbai said that in time, they hope leading hotels in France will feature Indian cuisine on their menus, primarily vegetarian and Jain dishes (snails would definitely be a no-no).

French Chefs Mastering Indian Cuisine? Yes, It's Really Happening.

Around 5 lakh tourists travel to France from India every year of whom an estimated 15% are from the area covered by the general consulate of France in Mumbai, including Gujarat.

The French consul general, who was in Ahmedabad on Wednesday, said that even Bollywood movies were also instrumental in driving tourism and therefore, the government was now incentivizing filmmakers by reimbursing 30% of all expenditure incurred in France for shooting a film.


Perrin also mentioned that food is very important part of a vacation and how not everyone is open to trying out new dishes hence it’s important that Indian options are available. We say kudos to this! The sharing of cuisines is a two-way street!