This French Cheese May Soon Be History & We Are In Denial! #POLL

When we think of good and well-made cheese the region that comes to mind is the West European belt comprising France, Switzerland, Italy, and other dairy-rich countries, which is probably why the world synonymises the term “good cheese” with French, Swiss, and other similar cheeses. One such cheese, which connoisseurs and cheese aficionados relish is the French variety, Camembert. But that may soon not be the case.

No no, we are not saying that you’ll stop liking the cheese but Camembert is soon going to be history as farmers in France may stop making the cheese due to certain stringent food-related government regulations. So yes, you may very well start stocking up on Camembert before there is none left in the market.

According to Condé Nast Traveler, farmers that are aiming for a PDO stamp, which lets consumers know they’re getting the real deal, Camembert “must be made with unfiltered raw milk from a cow in the Normandy province that’s fed solely on local grass and hay, have a fat content of at least 38%, and be hand-ladled in four layers.” However, since the production of this dairy product involves using unpasteurized milk, real PDO-stamped Camembert is actually banned in the United States. See the problem?

This French Cheese May Soon Be History & We Are In Denial! #POLLImage: goodtoknow

To explain this cheesy matter, Bloomberg reports that just “four out of 360 million wheels of Camembert produced annually (around 1%) are authentic.” So owing to the usage of authentic ingredients, the wheels (or slices) you’re picking up at the market, may well be counterfeits.

Basically, while the cheese will still be on the shelves, we won’t place oour bets on what’s faux and what’s real (that is, made using the original recipe that dates back to 1791).

But what do you think? Is it okay to pick up the counterfeit as long as it’s something like Camembert? Or should the French government and farmers let the world have access to the “real deal”? Vote below and let us know!

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Feature Image: Sensibus