Freak Out With Indulgent Freak Shakes At Morello’s, New Delhi


There are shakes, there are freak shakes and then there are Morello’s Shakes! We recently visited this cute café in Champa gali, Saket and we were totally bowled over by their ambience and food. It was extremely heartening to see Mr. Shailesh Mehta, the owner of Morello’s, completely involved in each and every element of the café – the menu has been personally curated by him and he often prepares the food himself as well! They also have tons of board games making it the perfect place for an ideal evening or afternoon with your friends or family.

We tried the Ferrero Rocher and Nutella Freak Shake and it literally freaked us out. Check out the live video of its preparation here. Some of the other popular shakes that you’ll find on the menu are Snickers and Peanut Butter Shake, Brownie Points Shake and the Kit Kat Shake. We paired up our shake with their Pulled Garlic and Cheese – their take on the usual garlic bread and cheese but of course with a Morello twist to it.

We highly recommend this place if you want to join the freak shake wagon and indulge in some legit freak shakin’ – tucked in the middle of Champa Gali this place will definitely not disappoint you.

Freak Out With Indulgent Freak Shakes At Morello's, New Delhi