We Found Out What’s J Lo’s Sparkly Starbucks Cup Is All About

You haven’t made it big unless your beverage flask screams out ‘FABULOUS’. At least that’s what singing sensation Jennifer Lopez believes, and we’re totally on board! Her pre-stardom days may have been basic but she’s not having any of that now. The pop icon has of late been sporting this gorgeous and totally swanky water flask that is shaped like a Starbucks cup (Venti, of course) only it reflects 1000 times more light than your cup. Here’s why.


“Let’s Get Her THE Starbucks Cup”

According to Lopez’s manicurist, Elle Gerstein, the singer always carries a Starbucks cup with her wherever she goes, so her team came up with the bedazzling idea of replacing the regular plastic/paper cup with a more permanent crystal-studded replacement. Behold, “THE Starbucks Cup”.

“You always see her with the paparazzi, getting photographed, and she’s always holding a water cup in her hand,” explains Gerstein, “Why does she have to have a Starbucks cup? Let’s get her THE Starbucks cup.”

The $600 Cup

Needless to say, a cup so massive and brilliant cost J Lo a substantial amount of money. So how much did she really have to shell out for this black and silver beauty?

According to the cup’s designer Teneka Moore, the lady behind TaylorMade (named after Moore’s daughter), these studded Starbucks cups prices range depending on the types of crystals used, size of cup, and how much customization is required. “Because we opted only the very best for J Lo, her Venti sized Starbucks Tumbler with dome lid and custom logo is studded in 100 per cent Swarovski crystals and ran approximately $585,” she told Refinery29.

The 48-year-old singer is not alone in priding herself with the grand flask. Her partner, Alex Rodriguez, too own a Taylor Made Bling custom creation covered with Swarovski crystals.


Feature Image: YouTube