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    Can I know what is blanching technique and when it can be used?

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    Hi Aparna,

    We’re going to do our best to help you figure out how to blanch your vegetables! You’ll need a bowl of ice water, a slotted spoon, a vessel to boil water and a plate lined with a paper towel or cloth.

    1. Boil water in a large pot and then add a some salt, the salt helps with flavouring as well as maintaining colour of the vegetables.
    2. Add the vegetables to the water in small batches so that the water continues to boil. Note: If you’re boiling different kinds of vegetables, do them all separately. Also, do the light coloured vegetables first, then the darkcolour vegetables.
    3. Once the vegetables are done, take it out of the boiling water using the slotted spoon and drop them into the ice water to stop the cooking process.
    4. Once the vegetables are all cool, remove them from the water and drain on the paper towel. And you’re done!

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