Former Subway Spokesperson Jared Fogle Has To Pay $1M For His Crimes


Remember back in August when we told you about former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle’s house being raided by the FBI on suspicions of him having sexual relations with minors? Well, it’s come to light that Fogle has been ordered to pay $100,000 to each of the minors he was involved with.

Who’s Jared Fogle?


Jared Fogle became a major spokesperson for Subway when he lost over 200 pounds after being on a Subway diet. In his years as a spokesperson, Fogle appeared on countless TV ads and interviews telling people about the nutritional benefits of a Subway diet.

Why’s He In Trouble?


Fogle was arrested on charges of having had relations with a sixteen year old girl. After further investigation it was found that he had travelled across state lines to engage in sexual relations with minors. In August, he also pleaded guilty to having had received and distributed child pornography.


What’s The Deal?

While the case is yet to close, prosecutors have agreed that they will not ask for more than twelve and a half years imprisonment if Fogle pays $100,000 to each of his victims. Additionally, he has agreed to not ask for less than five years in prison.

Where’s Subway In All This?


As would be expected, Subway has cut off all ties with Fogle. In an announcement on September 11th, after Fogle’s arrest Subway stated that they had done an internal investigation on Fogle’s conduct and had found one serious complaint. However, the complaint was unrelated to sexual behaviour or criminal activity, so was not acted upon.

In press release, Subway said “It is important to note that the investigation found no further evidence of any other complaints of any kind regarding Mr. Fogle that were submitted to or shared with SUBWAY.”