In What Form Do You Like Your Cheese? #POLL

Love may make others worlds go round, but our world is all about the cheese. Think about it, if you love food, then in some way or the other cheese must be an indispensable part of your meals. And one a bright sunny day, you must have thanked the higher powers – and cheese factories – for the existence of the delicious food!

Whether you like pizzas, burgers, pasta, sandwiches, salads, baked goods, and the likes, then cheese is way above your #BAE. And given the different varieties and kinds of cheese in this universe, there is one for every kind of food, meal, and palate. Moreover, the creative heads at all these cheese factories have come up with ways of packaging the cheese for us! Want to make a sandwich? Here you go, a cheese slice! Or would you rather spread some over your salted bagel? No worries, we’ve got a cheese spread for you! Just looking for a snack? Take some string cheese! Or hey, did you say old fashioned? Here’s a slice of cheese from the good ol’ wheel! Like seriously, innovate much?

That said, there is a massive market for all these forms of cheese. Right from cheese cubes, to slices, and spread, the takers are many! Which one do you like the best? Vote below!

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