Forget Steeping Your Tea, Now You Can Spray It Directly Into Your Mouth

If you’re a tea fan/fanatic, do not go past this line because this article might upset you.

However, if you like tea and you want to try a different way to enjoy your tea, there’s now a product called “No More Tea Bags” and as the name suggests, you get to enjoy your tea without the hassle of finding the perfect brewing time and colour.

Pre-brewed and dispensed from an aluminium spray can, drinks can pour some of the concentrated tea into a cup, add hot water and milk if desired. Guy Woodall, the man behind this new creation, owner of Yum Cha Drinks said, “It was really about just trying to make a better cup of tea.”

In a conversation with Reuters, Woodall talks about creating this new way to drink your tea, “I started developing it in glass. The trouble was we had to use chemical preservatives and I didn’t want to do that. I realized that… you could put the tea in [an aerosol can] in a sterile condition and it’s completely isolated from the atmosphere.” Each No More Tea Bags aerosol can comes with enough concentrate for 20 cups and the resulting beverage is “better tasting”.

Forget Steeping Your Tea, Now You Can Spray It Directly Into Your Mouth Photo 2

As suspected, this product is causing confusion and outrage among British tea drinkers and hashtags are surfacing on Twitter like #teaheresy and others are jokingly calling it “evil”. Jemma Swallow, tea sommelier and co-founder of The Tea Box commented on this new product and said, “This is probably more like your average cup of tea. There’ll be a lot of people who’d probably love … this flavour and this convenience.”

Launched in August in a few independent shops, No More Tea Bags comes in three flavours: English Breakfast, Earl Grey, and Jasmine.