Foods With More Potassium Than Bananas

Potassium is an essential mineral and electrolyte. It helps to regulate blood pressure, transport nutrients and supports healthy nerve and muscle function. Potassium isn’t produced naturally by the body so it’s important to incorporate a variety of these foods into our diet. Along with sodium, potassium regulates the water balance and balance in the blood. This, in turn, helps to regulate blood pressure and is most likely why potassium-rich diets are linked to lower blood pressure.

The human body also relies on potassium balance for a regularly contracting heart and a healthy nervous system – even more reason to not skip on this mineral! While a banana is still a good idea, here are six more items to add to your nutrition routine:

Foods With More Potassium Than Bananas

1 cup white beans = 829 mg Potassium

1 cup butternut squash = 582 mg Potassium

1 medium sweet potato = 541 mg Potassium

1 cup frozen spinach = 540 mg Potassium

1 cup steamed beets = 518 mg Potassium

1/2 avocado = 487 mg Potassium

1 medium banana = 422 mg potassium