Foods That Help Control Hunger

Alright, hunger. It can definitely be an issue when trying to lose fat. How can we control hunger and still progress towards our goals?

1.Prioritize Protein – If you’ve been following my articles for any sliver of time now already know how important protein is for satiation. So make sure you’re eating enough of it. 1 gram per lbs of lean body mass.

2.Drink water – I see so many people confusing thirst for hunger. If you think you’re hungry, drink some water first and see if you still feel hungry, I bet you’re going to see yourself snack a lot less. Try it, you’ll thank me later.

3.Stock up on fiber – Foods high in fiber will fill you up very well. Use these fibrous foods to your advantage.

4.Drink your coffee – Coffee is definitely a lifesaver. Use caffeine’s hunger suppressant working to control hunger.

5.Lastly,Get enough sleep – Don’t sleep for 4 hours every night and expect to not get hungry. This will definitely mess up your hunger hormones. Get your sleep in check.

Foods That Help Control Hunger