Here Are The Foods That One Should Avoid Before Bedtime

Here Are The Foods That One Should Avoid Before Bedtime

If you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep or even suffer from anxiety, don’t ever touch these foods before going to bed! The below foods should be consumed hours before you’re planning to go to sleep. You can develop of having a cup of green tea, chamomile tea or any light brew before bed to avoid a craving.

Dark Chocolate

Foods like dark chocolate contains caffeine which keeps you alert for a large period of time, plus it also make you edgy. Dark chocolate should also be avoided because it also contains theobromine that increases your heart rate and cause restlessness. In fact even if you have some six hours before sleep, it will most likely keep you up for a good amount of time at night.


Foods with a high amount of protein can lead to stimulating the orexin in your brain that keeps you active and keeps sleepiness in control. According to Business Insider, a study had found that injecting orexin in mice made them more active but there are others that show that the lack of it in humans can cause sleepiness.


Hangover is just one aspect that we have to deal with when we drink on the weekends but alcohol also reduces the rapid eye movement which usually happens when we are having a dream. This can cause drowsiness and difficulty in concentration. Plus being a diuretic agent, you might have to get up many times during your sleep to take a leak.

Spicy Food

Foods that contain high amounts of fats and spices can give you heartburn which can keep you up for hours. So avoid foods like, extra-spicy chicken wings or greasy bacon before going to sleep.