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Foodpanda Launches Crave Party Campaign To Increase Orders


With prices of desserts starting from Rs.9 to a biryani costing Rs.79, Foodpanda’s new Crave Party campaign was launched yesterday reports Money Control. The campaign will targeting the top priority markets and has been launched with the aim to increase the order volume by 10 times.

Crave Party Campaign

To carry out the campaign successfully, Foodpanda has hired 60,000 delivery persons for the coming two months. “There is nothing more unifying than the love for food and we want to embody that on our platform. Through the most popular categories like desserts, snacks, biryani, etc., we intend to provide our customers with the best food experiences on the platform,” Pranay Jivrajka, CEO, Foodpanda told Money Control.

One would think that there might be extra charges on these low-cost dishes but reports are that the customers can order them with no minimum order value. Further, Foodpanda will also integrate with Ola assets and properties and will also be using the latter’s customer base to fulfil the aim of the campaign. “We aim to establish long-term relationships with our partner restaurants by introducing such compelling propositions. On the technical and logistical fronts, we aim to hire the right set of people needed, leverage Ola’s prowess and ensure that the last mile is covered with a strong customer support,” Jivrajika added while speaking with Money Control.

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