Foodography Begins.


Ahoy there Foodies! We bring you Foodography! *applause*

Here’s some love to all the mothers out there! We love your cookies, we love your gravies, sambars, puddings, casseroles, cakes and breads. We’ll get straight to the point. We’re having a contest for the best photos on Instagram from our favourite foodies. And what do you do to be a part of this fancy fare ? Well,


1. Head to Instagram 

2. Upload a photo on “What my Mom Makes best” 

3. Tag @hungryforeverco 


Ta-da. You’re now in the running for the best food photos ever! Our favourite food photographer, Tarun Koliyot, will be judging this fantabulous contest. 

Click away! The food ain’t posing for long. We’re giving out Hungry Forever goodies to the winning entries. 

The contest is open to anyone with a camera and an Instagram account. You can be from anywhere in India!