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    5 Top Tips on
    ‘How to Perfect Jersey Royals’

    If anyone knows their Jersey Royals from their Maris Pipers its Steve Smith, Head Chef at Michelin-starred Bohemia.

    Below, Steve shares his top tips for how to cook the perfect potatoes this season.

    Fresh is best
    Cooking with fresh Jersey Royals may seem like stating the obvious, but it has such a huge impact on the final taste. We are lucky at Bohemia that we can locally source them so they are always at their very best. At home, avoid any potatoes that have gone soft or green.

    Avoid the fridge
    It is a common misconception that if you want food to last longer you should keep it in the fridge. Wrong! When it comes to Jersey Royals you should store them in a cool, dark place as putting them in the fridge turns the starch to sugar, making them lose much of their signature flavour.

    Save the skin
    Simply wash off the excess dirt from the potatoes rather than peeling or scraping them. This removes any unwanted bits without wasting a good source of fibre and texture.

    Boiling point
    When boiling or part-boiling the Jersey Royals place them in cold, salty water and allow the water to gradually reach boiling point. You can add a bit of mint or dill to the water for flavour when cooking. Once the water has come to the boil and is simmering, the potatoes should take around 10 minutes. You can tell when they are ready by stabbing them with a knife. Leave them to cool in the water.

    Nice and crispy
    If you are roasting your potatoes then you want them to be as crispy as possible. In order to do so, get a potato masher to crush the cooked potatoes to increase the surface area so that the heat gets into every crevice. Sprinkle with a bit of fresh thyme and Maldon salt then roast the Jersey Royals at around 200°C.

    In December 2019 Bohemia Restaurant was listed in the ‘Top 1000 Restaurants in the World’ on the prestigious ‘La Liste 2019’. Joining the Top 1000 list follows another successful year for Bohemia achieving a ranking as the 14th best restaurant in the UK in the Waitrose Good Food Guide 2019; retaining its coveted Michelin star for the fourteenth year; 5AA rosettes for the second year (the only restaurant in the Channel Islands to receive this accolade).