Food Wastage Can Be Reduced With Better Meal Planning Suggest Experts

Food Wastage Can Be Reduced With Better Meal Planning Suggest Experts

The lesser the food left on your plate, the lesser it goes into the landfill is what a new research by The Ohio State University suggests. They found that people who left behind three percent of the food on the plates when they got to pick their own meals, left behind about 40 percent of it when the meal was standardised. They also found that those who took second or third servings at home, the wastage increased to about 3.5 percent.

Lesser On Plate Lesser In Trash

The study showed that there needs to be focus on conservation ways at home that includes consumption of food before it goes bad said the lead author of the study, Brian Roe to Science Daily. “This study allows us to go into the daily eating habits of adults and suggests that when people are choosing their own food, there’s not a lot left on their plate,” he said.

“When you’re making your own plate, you’re taking no broccoli or a little broccoli depending on what you like, unlike in a school cafeteria where the broccoli is there whether you want it or not,” he added. He also recommended planning meals to reduce food wastage. “Better meal planning is a good place to start,” Roe said. “Coming up with a recipe for the leftovers that your family and your kids will actually eat is the next step.”


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