Food Walks: Why They Are Amazing & Why We Need More

Also known as ‘tasting tours’, food walks are in short a culinary journey to finding the delicious food that you wouldn’t eat on a regular basis. In India, food walks take you on a part of the city that most people don’t frequent and you get to sample and enjoy food that you either haven’t heard of or always wanted to eat, but never knew where to get it. Food walks are basically an experience to go through popular food areas of a city and enjoy the different kinds of cuisines and meet with the locals that are making the food and understand the history behind their lives and what made them do this.

The experience is one of a kind and while there might be tons of food walks around the country and lots in your own city, what really separates one food walk from the other is the food, the location and the people you meet along the way.


What goes into a food walk

A lot of the time, food walks are organized by companies that do this sort of thing on a regular basis. In the past, there have been tons of history walks, where you just go on a walk through a part of the city and stop at famous spots and take in the history of these spots and understand the deal with these places. The same thing happens with food walks, the difference is that you’re eating every time you stop. Food walks are about the food as much as they are about the walking.

The people organizing the food walk go early on in the week and do a look through of all the restaurants and venues in the area, to find the right place. They will try the food, meet with the owners, find out the history of the place and get to know as much as possible. While it might be a food tour, it’s also about the history of the food and the eatery. Some go for food walks just for the food, others go for the walks to experience a mixture of history and food at the same time.

Once they’ve identified all the places, they map out the walk, just to make sure that every spot is visited while you walk through the area and then they announce the walk and invite food lovers and history enthusiasts alike to come and enjoy this experience as much as possible.


Why they’re great

Did we mention that you get to eat lots of great food? Because you get to eat lots of great food! Some food walks even have specially curated dishes at different eateries, but for the most part, you get to eat the delicious food that the place is famous for more than anything else. Besides the food? You get to see parts of the city you’ve probably never seen before, you get to eat different kinds of food and learn the history of the place and the food.

It also feels like you’re walking enough to make up for the fact that you’re eating all this delicious and rich food, so it makes you feel a little better about yourself and the fact that you’re eating with abandon. All the food aside, you’re also meeting lots of amazing people. The combination of great food and great new friends is one that cannot be beat. Because these people will one day become your future food buddies and you can spend hours upon hours eating and talking about food with them and never once feel like you’re being judged.

But the best part is the experience. The experience of seeing a new part of the city, the experience of meeting new people, the experience of enjoying great food and just being with fellow food lovers while you go on a food journey.