Food Trip’ping Is Now Officially A Thing. And It’s In Bangalore.

No, it isn’t the latest drug in the market, but after trying out the food in this new joint in Koramangala, it might as well be. Food Trip is the love child of Mr. Prakul Agrawal, a budding entrepreneur and fellow foodie. Located in the busy Jyothi Nivas College Road in Koramangala, Food Trip is super easy to find. Just look for the most colourful (and psychedelic) board and there you have it.
food trip 5

You enter and you’re greeted with a myriad of happy colours and you can’t help but smile. With the colours and the joyful ambience complimented by light coloured tables and chairs, you feel like a school kid in a candy store. You can choose to sit cosily in their ground floor that houses a small counter that you can use to peep into the kitchen and watch your food get made or the first floor which has quite a bit of space.

food trip 1
Now for the interesting part, their food. Your options are between 5 essential flavours which are Thai, Caribbean, Continental, Hawaiian and of course, Indian. Once you decide your flavour of the day, you get to choose how you would like to be served your preferred flavour.  Your options are between a rice bowl, a roll or a burger. Prakul explains this exciting take on fast-food, “We wanted people to be able to have an option of different flavours at the same place. The three key quick ways to consume flavours are rice, rolls and burgers.”  They have exotic flavour options like Caribbean and Hawaiian-and if you are pressed for time and can’t afford to sit down and relish a meal, the rolls and burgers are a speedy solution.
Bittersweet bangkok Rice bowl
We started off our lunch with the Veg Poppers and Thai Chilli Cheese Up (slightly different from a bruschetta). The Veg Poppers were just the cheesy-delight we were hoping for. The Thai Chilli Cheese Up had us crying for our Shake Up. The Shake Ups were a Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake and a Choco Hazelnut. They were barely at our table for 5 minutes before we slurped them down and ordered our next Shake Ups (and no, it wasn’t because of the Thai Chilli Cheese Ups). The right amount of chocolate and milk blended in a remarkable concoction which was just what our taste buds were craving for.

We tried out their signature Ninja Fried Chicken for the Main Course and the Punjabi Lion Tikka Roll, and boy the Ninja packed a punch. The Punjabi Lion Tikka has a Tandoori Seasoning which left us wanting more. Oh and as an added tip, ask for their tobasco mayo. It’s to die for. We were too full to try their dessert, but we have heard that their Brownie with Ice Cream is quite good. Try it and let us know how it was!

El Rays Wrap
Oh we can’t help but mention that they have a basket of quirky costume accessories that you can try out while you wait for your food. We had a ball of a time with their funky hats and quirky glasses. Word has it that they are going to have battleship games soon, to try and beat your partner with.

food trip 4

They told us that on your first trip to Food Trip, you could use the coupon code HFOR01 and avail a free Shake Up with any Main Course that you order. Happy Tripping!

What we had: 

Ninja Fried Chicken

Punjabi Lion Tikka Roll

Veg Poppers

Thai Chilli Cheese Up

Choco Peanut Butter Shake Up

Choco Halzenut Shake Up

Watermelon Shake Up