Food Trends Which Will Take Over In 2016

2015 saw the addition of several trends in our culinary adventures to enhance our eating experience. With research and new information available regarding various eating habits, introduction of new food trends, this year, will be part of our dining experience. 

Here are a few trends that will take over the way we dine this year. 

1. Bowl Foods

Food out of a bowl is set to be all the rage this year with the combination of wholegrain, vegetables and protein all married together with flavours served in one bowl. Eating from a bowl could also help in reduction of overeating with specific portion sizes


2. Nutmilks

Although these alternatives to regular milk are not available widely in India, these dairy products will be hitting the store shelves quite soon. Producers of milk based products are keen on adding this as part of their varieties because of the health benefits. Almond milk and pistachio milk will be part of the daily dairy consumption soon enough. 


3. Root-to-stem Dining

As seen on Master Chef Australia, root-to stem dining has been taking over the restaurants. The use of vegetables from its roots to the stem, basically using all parts of the plant to produce various dishes will be part of the emerging food trends in restaurants. It decreases waste and increase the health quotient for the customer. 


4. Sriracha

The hot sauce from Thailand will be used increasingly in all the dishes served at restaurants. The flavours fro Sriracha works best with any meat or vegetable product and complements it to the core. Sriracha will be part of the growing trend of including various spicy sauces to increase the flavours of a dish, like ghost pepper and sambal. 


5. Mexican In India

Mexican restaurants have been popping up in all parts of country taunting delicious varieties of burritos, tacos and nachos. With the Mexican fares getting positive response, look for similar cuisines, like tex-mex and other Latin cuisines to make a mark in the restaurant sector in India. 


Although there are several new trends kicking it up in the food industry, these are few trends which we can actually see trying. New innovative methods of cooking and serving food are happening all around the world and as long as the food is good, there is nothing that would stop us from devouring some rice bowls and burritos.