The Food Trends of 2016 So Far

We’re only in May and there have already been more than enough ridiculous food trends that are taking the world by storm. Usually spurred on by Coachella (or as we call it Foodchella), the food trends go a little berserk. But this year, Coachella was a little behind on the delicious trends that we got to watch and experience. Everything from colourful food to beautiful creations and then really crazy out of this world combinations, 2016 has had it all so far. And since it’s still the beginning of the year and many more months of crazy left to deal with, you can be assured that the food trends are only going to explode even more.

Google does their own analytics for food trends, but those are different from this list. Focusing primarily on what made it big via Instagram and then seeped into every day life, this list features food trends that are happening all around the world. Nothing in the world of food is safe and if you’re not part of the celebration, then you’re a step behind everyone else.

If you haven’t heard of these trends yet, let us help you get acquainted.

Avocado Roses


This isn’t so much a trend as much as it’s just a really pretty way to eat your food. But if you go by Instagram standards, it probably is a trend because now everybody is taking the time to slice their avocado thin and style it like a rose. It’s a beautiful trend, if anything. And avocados are really good for your health, so not only are you getting a dose of vitamins with your meal, it looks good just before you eat it too.




Launched in Australia earlier this year, Freakshakes are exactly what you’d think they would be – freaky milkshakes. They’re not terrifying looking, if that’s what you think, they are just over the top and absolutely delicious. Filled to the brim with dessert extras, the Freakshakes are a meal in itself. The flavours are also quite ridiculous (but delicious). And if that’s not enough, they’ve made their way into India too. Delicious, messy and totally freaky.

Raindrop Cake


This trend came out of nowhere, introduced by New York chef Darren Wong at a food festival and has made the world sit up and take notice. It’s a cake made like a large raindrop and looks too good to eat. It’s a speciality in Japan, but Chef Wong made it popular for the rest of the world and while flavourless, you can mix it with sweet syrup and soyabean powder. Guess what? You can make it at home too.

Rainbow Food


We don’t even know where to start with this food trend, because it’s getting a little out of hand. First, there were rainbow bagels, then rainbow grilled cheese, then rainbow coffee and (for a limited time) rainbow burgers. We haven’t tried any of them, but we are extremely tempted to do so. Imagine eating a grilled cheese sandwich that has the colours of the rainbow, that’s ridiculously amazing. Besides, these foods look great in Instagram photos, so yeah, trending.

Oreo Bagels


Introduced at a bagel shop in New Jersey called The Bagel Nook, these are insane and delicious. It’s a bagel slathered with cream cheese and then just because that’s not enough, stuffed with Oreo cookies as well. As a food writer says, “vanilla-chocolate swirled bagel smothered in cookies and cream-flavored cream cheese, and it’s loaded up with a layer of delectable Oreos, because seriously, why the hell not?” And that is how a food trend is formed.


Have we missed any food trends from the past five months? Let us know! And we’ll keep you posted as the new trends come in.