Food Trail in Chennai

It’s time to take your taste buds on a culinary journey through the streets of Chennai! Walk with us and work up an appetite as you discover a plethora of flavours that will present Chennai in a whole new perspective.
True foodies will guide you and introduce you to places you have never been to, and dishes so good that you wish you had tasted them before.

Trail Options:

  • The Biryani Trail
  • Chaat Chowk
  • Chennai’s finest
  • Mylapore Madness

The Biryani Trail

It’s time to set apart the false prophets from the real ones! This trail takes you on a journey where you get to decide which biryani shop truly touches your soul. We are only here to guide you on this delicious journey, for the answer you’ve always been seeking.

Reporting area: Triplicane  (Map)

Mode of transport: Walking
Price: ₹ 3000

Chaat Chowk

Embark on a trail that is full of samosas, kachauris and jelebis! This journey will open your eyes to wonderful tasteful combinations that have been added to this never-ending category called Chaats. As we walk down the streets of Sowkarpet, your eyes will have a visual treat of the colourful culture of the area, and your taste buds will be taken over by a plethora of flavours.

Reporting area: Sowkarpet  (Map)

Mode of transport: Walking

Price: ₹ 2000

Chennai’s finest

If you want to explore the culinary heritage of Chennai, then this trail is a must! We will take you to the best places where you get to taste all Chennai’s favourite dishes. From spongy idlis to crispy paper-roast dosas, you will not be disappointed by what Chennai’s food scene has to offer!

Reporting area: Mount Road (Map)

Mode of transport: Private Bus

Price: ₹ 4000

Mylapore Madness

This area is famous for its treats, and who better to lead the way than us! We will show you every nook and cranny in Mylapore that has something delicious to offer.

Reporting area: Mylapore (Map)

Mode of transport: Walking

Price: ₹ 2000

Join us on a food trail and discover Chennai’s best street food