Food: The True Fuel a Party Needs!
July 28, 2017
Niamh Murphy (1 article)

Food: The True Fuel a Party Needs!

Everyone loves to party. The trick to having a lot of fun at a party is having enough energy to participate. Even if you are preparing for a concert, dancing and jumping requires high levels of energy. So, what is the trick to keep yourself going all night?

The answer to that is food. The right food will translate into the energy you require. So whether you are planning a party or attending one, remember to select the food you eat wisely. Here are a few great tips on food that will help you gear up for the party at hand!

  1. Finger Food:

Finger food like fish fingers and chips has always been the life of any party. The reason why finger food is so popular is because they are easy to eat and they always taste awesome. If the party has alcohol flowing then a variety of finger food is your best choice. Another great thing about finger food is that they are easy to order in and does not cost much.

  1. Pizzas:

Pizzas are the easiest choice. Since pizzas are usually high in carbohydrates, they provide the fuel that the party requires to keep on being exciting. Though pizzas cannot be classified as finger food, they still are easy to eat in a party environment. You cannot go very wrong if you order a number of pizzas with different toppings. After all, who doesn’t love a good pizza?

  1. A Salad Bar:

A salad bar is an innovative way to keep all the health nuts in your party happy. The novelty of being able to assemble your own salad according to your likes and dislikes is catchy. It won’t be long before everyone joins in at the table. Salads are relatively easy to eat in a party atmosphere and a salad bar adds an extra pizzazz to the whole festivities. If you want to take it a step further you can also add fruits to the salad counter. Those who do not like salads will surely try the fruits!

  1. The Grill:

Grill food has been a fascination that almost everyone shares. The addition of a grill or a barbecue table will surely make the party a success. Shrimp, mushrooms, corn, chicken, lamb and beef are just a few delicacies that can be skewered and served. The problem about having a grill is the weather, space and a good recipe. A way to get around these difficulties is by having the food grilled and brought to the party. Serve it on skewers for an added effect.

Food and alcohol is the essence of every party. Not many people can go wrong with the alcohol but many make mistakes when it comes to the food. If you are attending a party then choose what you eat well. Remember that you don’t want to feel too stuffed and neither do you want to feel drained out.

So, plan smart what you eat and don`t eat too much, you won’t be able to party when stuffed.

I know that last pizza slice looks delicious, but, try to skip it if you can: )

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Niamh Murphy

Niamh Murphy


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