Food Over Tech: Dominos Stock Growth In The Past Few Years Beats Facebook, Apple And Google

We’ve been told (and been telling you) again and again that the world is demanding healthy food. That they’re turning their noses up at junk food and fare from fast food chains which they believe to be high in fats and other harmful substances.

However, a report from Quartz has some surprising data. Since 2010 (which is around the time the health food obsessions tarted) Dominos stock value has grown exponentially, leaving behind the increase in value of major tech companies like Facebook, Apple and even Google.

Talking Stock

In 2009, Dominos entirely revamped its pizza process. Following feedback from customers that their crust tastes like cardboard” and that their sauce tastes like ketchup, they changed their pizza recipe.

And, their hard work paid off. Since 2010, Domino’s stock value has grown by over 2000%; its share prices are currently at 184.35 USD.

Indeed, the only other company which ha shown a similar rise is Netflix; perhaps it’s time to replace the phrase “Netflix and chill” with “Netflix and Domino’s”?