Which Of These Food/Beverage Tasting Jobs Would You Pick? #POLL

While it may sound super awesome and easy, it’s not. Being a food or beverage taster requires a dapper set of taste buds that can tell a dark roast form a blonde roast or a Darjeeling from an Earl Grey without hesitating (or referring to Wikipedia). Doesn’t sound too easy now, does it?

But still one can dream. We’d be kidding ourselves if we said that we’ve never ever dreamt of being paid to taste food. And if you really haven’t though about it then think now. A food taster must pick a category and from there on it is their life’s mission to taste that particular food before it hits the assembly line and is picked up at a store. There are taste testers for foods you may not have even thought of. Ice cream, for example. Who’d have ever thought that someone actually tastes the gelato before we freeze our brains with it?

Now, have we sold you the idea of being a food taster? Yes? Good. So, which of these foods would you be a taster for?

Feature Image: rd.com