Food Supply Group Allegedly Supplied Less Quantity Of Food To Tribal Women In Raigad

Food Supply Group Allegedly Supplied Less Quantity Of Food To Tribal Women In Raigad

After a political leader complained about the quantity of food reaching the tribal women and children of Raigad district, the women self-help group supplying it has come under the scanner according to a report by the Indian Express. The food meant for 6000 people in total is allegedly being sent in lesser quantities failing the prevention of maternal and infant malnutrition in the Khalapur Taluka.

Nutritious Sheera In Less Quantities

The report further says that the police estimates a loss of about Rs.65 lakhs to the state exchequer owing to the alleged practice of sending less food by the Adarsh self-help group in the Taluka. The place is about 70 kilometers away from Mumbai and the self-help group in the locality were to supply sheera that was made of protein-rich chana, soya and groundnuts for the pregnant and lactating women and children. This ration which was supposed to be 3.5 kilograms in quantity was meant to be sealed in four packets that would last each household for about 25 days.

After the complaint by the politician, an inspection was conducted by the gram panchayat president Shraddha Sakhare on Wednesday. She visited the place where the food was being packed and weighed four packet samples herself. “Each of the packets I weighed was short by at least 700 grams of the quantity specified by the government,” said Sakhare to the Indian Express.

The police has been notified says the report and while the investigation is going on, no arrests have been made so far. Sakhare has also said that the ration supply has stopped until the investigations were over. “We have issued instructions that from now, each sample of rations must be weighed to ensure it meets the quantity requirements before it is sent,” she said.

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