Food Stall Owner Assaulted By Three Political Party Workers In Mumbai

Food Stall Owner Assaulted By Three Political Party Workers In Mumbai

According to the report by The Hindu, Vishal Pandey had set up a food stall on Tuesday and was attacked for the same by three political party workers. The incident occurred outside Prabhadevi Industrial Estate, an area in which the owner also resides. Pandey’s only fault according to his assaulters was just that that his stall was in their area.

Assaulters Booked By Police

“Mr. Pandey had started the stall only on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the three men told him to remove the stall, which he refused to do. This led to a fight between the four. The three accused followed Mr. Pandey to his house across the street, assaulting him with bamboo sticks,” senior police inspector Divakar Shelke, Dadar police station told The Hindu. The three assaulters are  Shekhar Bhagat, Shailesh Mali and Dinesh Patil who hold high position in a political party office in Dadar.

According the statement given by Pandey to the media, he was told by Mali’s wife to move the food stall. “When I refused, she complained to her husband and the three men came to assault me. They first took my cell phone and assaulted me. They also hit my brother when he came to help me. When we complained, the police tried to pressure us into settling the matter between ourselves,” he said.

Currently the assaulters of the food stall owner have been booked by the police under unlawful assembly, provoking breach of peace, criminal intimidation and assault under the Indian Penal Code. On the other hand, the assaulters have also made a complaint against Pandey for assault and he too has been booked for the same.