Food Safety Department Send Amul Supplier Notice After An Examination Of Fat Content


The Food Safety Department has really been on its A game in the last couple of months. This time it’s an Amul supplier that is in hot water after the department found the fat content in milk to be lower than the declared percentage on the milk packet.

Legal Action Taken

Speaking to TOI, Virendra Singh Kushwaha, the chief food safety officer said, “After collecting the samples of Amul milk, we first took it to a nearby private laboratory to check if the milk content is according to set parameters. The result revealed that fat content was .8% less against the declared 6%. To recheck, we took the sample to another private lab, and again the same result was found. Finally, we decided to send the sample to Varanasi lab, so as to take legal action against the supplier and distributor of milk.”

He said, “In summer months, to meet the increased demand for milk, suppliers often mix water in their products to increase the milk quantity, which results in less fat content.”

“The Varanasi lab also confirmed that Amul milk sample had only 5.2 % fat. We have now sent notice to Neelam milk agency of Firozabad, the prime distributor of milk product in the district and Garima Milk and Food Product of Dholpur, a packager and supplier of Amul products in Western UP district. If they wish, the two can challenge the lab results and samples will be again sent to Kolkata laboratory. But if they accept the report, then we will levy hefty penalty for low quality milk product,” he added.

Speaking on the lab report of less fat content in Amul milk, the prime distributor Neelam Agency owner Pankaj said, “Whatever product the supplier provides us, we distribute it. Appropriate reply will be given to FSDA separately from our agency and Garima Milk and Food Product of Dholpur.”