Food Safety Department Is All Set To Ensure Hygienic and Safe Production of Diwali Sweets

Now that Diwali is around the corner, the Department of Food Safety is all here to ensure the manufacturing of the food items is done as per the food safety standards.  The advisory on the standards of food to be maintained will be done by the Food Safety Officer, and the advisory will be accompanied by an inspection to check the hygiene maintenance at all sweet manufacturing units.


Along with the regular inspection to curb the adulteration of raw materials, the workers will also be inspected in term of personal hygiene. ““Last year, it was found during the inspection that working in high temperatures, workers fail to maintain proper hygiene and clean working environment. Such issues will be kept under inspection this year,” said DR R Kathiravan, designated officer, Food Safety Department.

The advisory on the standards will focus on the usage of colours in sweets, and only approved colours which are less than 100 ppm will be allowed to use in the manufacturing of sweets. The quality of raw materials like milk, ghee and oil needs to be checked thoroughly before using them.