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The Food Quality Served To Passengers On Tejas Was Satisfactory Says Railways


Reports had come in about 24 passengers falling sick after consuming breakfast on board Tejas Express on Sunday. After the incident, the Indian Railways sent the food sample served to the passengers for testing and the food quality has been found satisfactory according to recent update by The Hindu.

The Vomiting Children Bear The Blame

The enquiry committee has pointed fingers at the passengers instead of the food service. They said that the food was fine and the passengers who suffered from food poisoning fell ill because two children had vomited on the coach floor. This “vitiated the air quality and triggered uneasiness” according to the reports.

According to the report submitted by the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) said, “From the perusal of interaction with passengers, statements given by passengers, on-duty TTEs, AC mechanic and pantry staff, it appears that the food quality on Tejas Express was satisfactory.” It also said that the food samples were well within the expiry date.

The Omelette Not Sent For Testing

The railways had taken a sample of the soup powder, poha, cake, bread sticks, kokum sarbat and jumpin mango punch served for breakfast on Sunday on board Tejas Express but left out the omelette for sampling. “A few passengers complained of a slightly different smell from the omelette served to them,” the report stated, concluding that the “quality of omelette may be ensured while serving.”

When The Hindu questioned as to why the omelette wasn’t tested an IRCTC official said, “There was no need to take the sample of omelette as many other passengers who consumed it had no issues with it.”